Ticketing Overview

Download this Overview to share with your staff, committee members, and other key leaders.

Make Box Office Management Easy

With ServiceU, your staff manages the entire ticketing process. You don’t have to rely on other vendors,
and you maintain control.

Simplify the Entire Ticketing Process

Selling tickets online gives you greater flexibility and provides your patrons with more convenient
purchasing options. With ServiceU, you can also choose which delivery methods you would like to offer:
e-tickets, mail order, or will call.

Make Reserved Seating a Reality

ServiceU allows you to customize your seating charts so that patrons can choose their own seats from your
web site. Sections within your facility can contain multiple price levels and seat types.

Provide Real-Time Access to Your Database

When you sign up for ServiceU, you specify which of your staff members and volunteers should have access
to the system and the level of access they have. Only these authorized users can access the box office

Save Your Staff Time

Our transaction reporting makes reconciliation quick and easy. Analyze results by event, section, price level,
and discounts with our sales reports. Eliminate convenience fees. ServiceU also saves time by collecting all
customer information in one place and letting people select their own seats.

About ServiceU

Since 1999, ServiceU has been the trusted solution for providing software that helps churches, schools, and
nonprofits simplify and automate administrative processes by moving them online. ServiceU’s core product
line includes software to manage event scheduling, online giving and registrations, ticketing, and climate control.
ServiceU is dedicated to serving clients with cost-effective tools and superior customer service.