Ticketing FAQ

Does ServiceU offer general admission, reserved seating, or a combination of both?

Yes, ServiceU can offer you patron's the ability to purchase these types of seats. In fact, ServiceU allows you to customize your seating charts so that patrons can choose their own seats from your website. Sections within your facility can contain multiple price levels and seat types.

What are the delivery options available with ServiceU?

We offer you the ability to provide a variety of options, including PDF tickets so patrons can print tickets at home, thermal tickets, will call, and tickets for you to mail to your patrons.

Can patrons print their tickets at home?

Yes. We offer PDF tickets for patrons who desire to print their tickets at home.

Can we offer our patrons a discount code for promotional reasons?

Yes. We can offer discount codes for patrons, which you have full control over. We can also make them time-sensitive.

Can ServiceU handle group discounts?

Yes. We can do discounts based on dollar amount or percentage.

Will our online ticket sales page look like our website?

Yes. As part of the standard setup process, our Customer Support team will customize your online ticket sales pages to match the look and feel of your existing website.

Our organization doesn't have a designer to do the ticket artwork, so can you help us?

Yes. ServiceU has an onsite graphic designer who is available to our customers at a per-hour charge for services.

Will other events be advertised with my event?

No, with ServiceU, your ticketing pages show only your events. Your pages will never display events or advertisements from other organizations or venues. This eliminates distraction and helps maximize your ticket sales.

Can I create a ticketed event that is only available to our staff or organization?

Yes, with ServiceU, you can sell tickets to just your organization without making those ticketed events available to the public. You can also create events using access codes so that the host of the event can limit who has access to the events. With this feature, you must enter a special code to access the page.

Are we under contract with ServiceU?

No. Ticketing charges are generally based on a per-ticket basis, and you are only under contract as long as you have live events with us.

What does it cost?

Ticketing pricing is based on your ticketing volume and specific needs. Please contact us to customize the best solution for you.

How long does it take to set up an event from start to finish?

If you already have a compatible merchant account and an existing website, we can get you up and running within two to three business days.

Are my transactions secure?

Yes! ServiceU is in compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) as a Level 1 Service Provider. We are one of the few companies that meet these rigorous standards. Click here to read more about ServiceU's commitment to the security of your online information.

What is PCI Compliance?

Visa, MasterCard, and the other major credit cards have jointly developed these strict security regulations to make sure that your credit card information is safe when you use your credit card in a store as well as online.

Does my organization have to be PCI-compliant?

No. In order to become PCI-compliant, organizations must undergo extensive reviews to make sure their technology and security meet the rigorous requirements. This is a time-consuming and expensive process. Instead of going through the rigors of PCI compliance, you can use a vendor such as ServiceU that offers a PCI-compliant solution.

What is a merchant account, and why do I need one?

A merchant account is set up to process payments via credit cards and electronic checks. All organizations that accept onsite credit card transactions have a merchant account, and one is needed to process any credit card or e-check payment through ServiceU.

What are the merchant account options?

We have created our applications to work with Sage Payment Solutions, and our two systems work seamlessly together to provide you with the best experience and the best reporting available.

Is our organization required to use Sage?

Yes, our applications are built to work with Sage because of the added Deposit Report feature and other integrations we have done to make it easy for you to receive and manage online ticket sales.

Can an organization have multiple merchant accounts?

Yes, you can have multiple merchant accounts. You simply provide us the account information, and we set up the accounts in our system.

Is there any software to load?

No, our software is web-based, which means there is no software to load or maintain. You will receive a username and password that gives you access to your event information, which is stored and backed up on our secure servers. You have the flexibility of accessing your event information anywhere with an Internet connection

Is customer support included in our annual fee?

Yes! Our Client Services team is available to you as part of our service. You can contact our support team anytime for help with no additional fees.

How do I contact Client Services?

You can call or e-mail our Client Services team for assistance. They will be glad to answer questions, help troubleshoot a problem, or even help you find the best way to achieve your goal. Our support team is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. CST. You can call 901-869-5001.