In Their Own Words

  • "We wanted to give people a way to register and pay for events and classes online, as most of our youth events and sports ministries involve fees of some kind. In one month, nearly 88% of our congregation had used the registration features online. People love the fact that they don’t have to keep track of paper, especially parents. Because all the forms for every event are online, there are no forms for kids to bring home, no papers encrusted with graham crackers to sign, no checks floating around in backpacks—it’s extremely convenient, and our parents appreciate it very much."

    Becky Martin

    E-Ministry Coordinator

    Southland Church (Lexington, KY)

  • "Teachers shouldn’t be managing money—their time can be spent more effectively on teaching, not on collecting payments and registrations. We were able to take the burden off our teachers and put the entire process online. The whole process is extremely seamless—our clients don’t know we use ServiceU. It just looks like our Web site."

    Cherilyn G. Ziemer

    Assistant to Superintendent

    Northland Christian School (Houston, TX)

  • "Online giving is completely worth the money—you will gain a hundredfold plus. You’ll see the giving go up in the 18–35 age category if you offer online giving. I don’t see how you wouldn’t."

    Andy Collins

    Communications Director

    Yorba Linda Friends Church (Yorba Linda, CA)

  • "We take online checks and debit/credit cards, which total about 20% of our weekly giving. ServiceU assists us with providing online registration and enables us to better handle money since funds go directly to the bank. We spend less time being cashiers, and providing online giving allows people the ability to be in control of their own giving. And even if they aren’t able to attend, they can still give."

    Kevin Miller

    Minister of Communications and Programming

    Idlewild Baptist Church (Lutz, FL)

  • "Since implementing online giving, we have received 15% of our total donations online. And that is a percentage I expect to continue to grow."

    Christina Knight


    Central Church of the Nazarene (Tulsa, OK)

  • "The whole online ticketing process makes people feel like they’re going to a very professional event. Online ticketing is a huge support to all our outreach efforts. We’re thankful we found it!"

    Toni Hamilton

    Minister of Community Involvement

    First Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale

  • "ServiceU has been invaluable in helping us to manage the logistics of ministering to thousands and thousands of people. The cost has been minimal compared to the benefits ServiceU has provided."

    Karyn Purvis

    Director of Communications

    Parkview Christian Church (Orland Park, IL)

  • "Now we have the capacity to easily sell upwards of 15,000 tickets, mostly online. All the headache of the manual ticketing process has gone away with technology that ServiceU has provided us with."

    Kevin Miller

    Minister of Communications and Programming

    Idlewild Baptist Church (Lutz, FL)

  • "I've never purchased anything like the service you provide, and your team member who helped me was cheerful, pleasant, and professional. When he didn't know an answer to one of my questions, his response was 'I really don't know that answer, but let me get it for you,' and he followed up very quickly after our phone call with the answers that he committed to give me. We've signed up with ServiceU, and a large part of that decision was made because of how much we appreciated his customer service, professionalism, and positive attitude."

    Angie Bevilacqua

    Next Generation Mentoring (Alpharetta, GA)

  • "I appreciate the features that ServiceU offer us. I feel that they make the planning and registration process more streamlined. ServiceU also allows us a lot of flexibility and enables us to have control over the areas we need for Vacation Bible School without imposing on other ministries that use the facility at the same time. The staff at ServiceU is always very helpful and quick to give assistance when requested."

    Terri Lincoln

    First Redeemer Church (Cumming, GA)

  • "Setting up the online giving forms and getting it started was simple. The online manual was helpful in that process. When I’ve needed to call for assistance with anything, the Client Services team members have been friendly and helpful."

    Christina Knight


    Central Church of the Nazarene (Tulsa, OK)

  • "I appreciate all of the help that the ServiceU Client Services team gives us. The response time is quick, and they are always courteous. It is a breath of fresh air compared to our last provider."

    Colleen Lingle

    Chapelwood United Methodist Church (Houston, TX)

  • "I think customer support is really important, and I’ve always had great experiences with ServiceU. Getting what you need quickly is the best, and it’s always been that way! I recommend ServiceU to all of my church clients."

    Patti Malott

    Founder and President

    Upright Ministries (Spring, TX)

  • "This software is specifically designed for churches and the things we do. I’d never go back."

    Brett Cavett

    Green Acres Baptist Church (Tyler, TX)

  • "Love it!!!!! Great job!!!! I am very excited about this new way to build forms, and the webinar leader did a wonderful job training me."

    Michelle Halonen

    Director of Administration

    Community of Grace Lutheran Church (Peoria, AZ)

  • "Great job. Excited about the enhancements!"

    Rowan McLeod

    Harding University (Searcy, AR)

  • "Great! Currently, I spend a bit of time in my current reports fixing the way the e-mail addresses format."

    Natasha Duarte


    International Society of Ethnobiology (Bristol, VT)

  • "This rocks!! I thought the webinar was very informative, and I can’t wait to begin using the new Form Builder!"

    Kelly Eickenberg

    Allegheny Center Alliance Church (Pittsburgh, PA)

  • "I LOVE all these changes so far—especially being able to paste in the text to agreement issues. Thank you! Sweet!"

    Ross Cochran

    Harding University (Searcy, AR)

  • "ServiceU Green has been very helpful when we are off campus and get a call that an event is going to run several hours longer than it was originally scheduled. Whereas before we would have to track down someone on campus to turn the air on for longer, now we can simply turn the air on and off from any computer with Internet access."

    Amanda Malkhassian

    Facilities Coordinator

    Vineyard Christian Fellowship (Anaheim, CA)

  • "With ServiceU Green, the air automatically comes on when the event starts and turns off when it ends. No one has to remember to manually turn it on or off, and we are not air-conditioning an empty room for hours before and after the event."

    Amanda Malkhassian

    Vineyard Christian Fellowship (Anaheim, CA)

    Facilities Coordinator

  • "We’re reaching our goals to save money, energy, and to make sure that our facility is controlled effectively. Now I use a program that I can count on—instead of me—to turn it on, which is far more reliable."

    David Paolozzi

    Facilities Manager

    Vineyard Christian Fellowship (Anaheim, CA)

  • "Through the ServiceU user-friendly application, we were able to check for conflicting events, organize resource lists, and turn approvals around much more quickly and efficiently. It was amazing how much time we saved and how the calendar became something that we could use to help our staff instead of something that was causing frustration. It’s hard to believe that we once operated without the help of ServiceU."

    Ashley Houpt

    Helpdesk Manager

    Bellevue Baptist Church (Memphis, TN)

  • "Online tickets and registrations help prevent lines on Sundays, and are a great convenience to those who live some distance away or don't regularly attend our church. The calendar page and our special events pages are the most visited pages of our Web site, indicating how helpful this information is. The online calendar is very easy to use and keep up to date. I like how clean the calendar looks. I like the fact that we can customize it to look like our Web site. I like the flexibility of the registration process so that it can accommodate simple events and complicated ones."

    Darla Teslow

    Westwood Community Church (Excelsior, MN)