Church Online Giving by ServiceU

"Online giving is completely worth the money—you will gain a hundredfold plus. You’ll see the giving go up in the 18–35 demographic if you offer online giving. I don’t see how you wouldn’t."

Andy Collins

Communications Director
Yorba Linda Friends Church (Yorba Linda, CA)  

ServiceU is a complete software solution for church online giving. Not only can staff more efficiently manage and track donations made to the church, but also online giving is quickly becoming the preferred method for financial transactions for a growing segment of our communities. Regularly scheduled online giving lowers the church’s administrative costs, typically increases the total amount given, and can even level out seasonal drops in giving.

It makes sense that churches would take advantage of this trend by making giving to the church as easy and convenient as possible. ServiceU does that, while also dramatically reducing the amount of time and resources your staff has to dedicate to managing donation records each week.

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