Online Donation Software by ServiceU: Increase Giving, Simplify Administration, Track Growth

"Online checks and debit/credit cards total about 20% of our weekly giving. ServiceU assists us with providing online registration and enables us to better handle money since funds go directly to the bank. We spend less time being cashiers, and providing online giving allows people the ability to be in control of their own giving. And even if they aren’t able to attend, they can still give."

Kevin Miller

Minister of Communications and Programming
Idlewild Baptist Church (Lutz, FL)  

ServiceU online donation software addresses the strong need for financial accuracy, accountability, integrity and communication between donors and leaders. It enables leaders to make online donation options available to their patrons.

Online donations are quickly becoming the preferred method of giving because:

  • They’re quick, easy, secure, and can be transacted 24/7
  • Recurring gifts can be set up and edited
  • Credit card donations give them perks such as frequent flyer miles

ServiceU online donation software helps you by:

  • Making funds immediately available
  • Reducing man hours to process checks and cash
  • Tracking donor’s contribution history for easy reporting
  • Organizing donations into funds, subfunds and pledge drives

Additionally, ServiceU online donation software increases donations because:

  • Prescheduled recurrences increase consistency and level out donation highs and lows
  • Giving is exempt from the effects of absences, weather, or failure to bring a checkbook
  • Credit card users consistently donate more than those who use their bank account; higher donations offset the fees associated with credit card donations
  • End of year credit card donations tend to be higher; donors can claim a tax deduction for the year but delay actual payment for 30 days

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