NiagaraAX Tridium and ServiceU: Integrating HVAC Automation and Event Scheduling for Savings and Efficiency

Who needs Niagara and Service U?

  • HVAC contractors: Keep your customers for life!
  • Facilities Managers: Be a Hero!
  • Event Planners: Save time, money and scheduling nightmares!

Tridium, Inc. is the global leader in device-to enterprise integration solutions, software frameworks, automation infrastructure technology, and energy management. NiagaraAX is their industry standard framework that creates a unified enterprise solution from diverse or otherwise incompatible devices, regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol. Also web-based, clients can now manage and control multiple facilities and schedules remotely.

ServiceU has a long history of serving organizations with multiple planners who juggle highly variable schedules. We’ve been helping churches, schools, community centers and other organizations improve operations and lower costs with our 100% web-based calendaring software since 1999.

Together, ServiceU and NiagaraAX provide these benefits:

  • Up to 20% savings on energy costs through HVAC automation
    • No more heating and cooling empty rooms
    • Avoid costly temperature swings
  • One-step management of events and energy. Both schedules are integrated into an organization’s calendar, allowing event planners to manage their own HVAC needs
  • Real-time and remote access for last-minute changes from anywhere in the world

ServiceU is the proud winner of the 2011WFX Worship Facilities Conference and Expo New Product Award! Everyone wins when ServiceU and NiagaraAX work together! Learn how you can benefit from this partnership by completing our webform.