HVAC Energy Savings by ServiceU: Savings Without Sacrificing Comfort

We’re reaching our goals to save money, energy, and to make sure that our facility is controlled effectively. Now I use a program that I can count on, instead of me--which is far more reliable."

David Paolozzi

Facilities Manager
Vineyard Christian Fellowship (Anaheim, CA)  

The high financial and environmental impact of energy consumption demands responsible solutions. ServiceU can provide not only the energy savings you want, but also the efficiency you need in your staffing and time management—all without forfeiting the comfort you want for those who attend your events.

ServiceU’s 100% cloud-based HVAC management system gives you comfort and energy savings and allows you to:

  • Save up to 20% on your energy costs, while reducing your carbon footprint
  • Avoid the expense of heating or cooling empty rooms before and after event, or incurring the costs associated with temperature swings
  • Schedule your climate control requirements at the beginning of an event planning, and on the same calendar, for seamless collaboration among teams
  • Reduce onsite staffing and make adjustments remotely, from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Eliminate the headaches of maintenance: no programming or software to install, maintain or upgrade
  • Relax! ServiceU’s HVAC solution is powered by NiagaraAX, Tridium’s next generation software that solves the challenges associated with integrating diverse devices with web-based systems like ServiceU

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