Climate Control

Automate heating and cooling and reduce labor costs by integrating your HVAC system with your event calendar.

With ServiceU Green You Can:

  • Reduce labor and utility costs
  • Ensure that events are always temperature-perfect
  • Help the environment by saving energy

Reduce Energy Costs by 10–20% or More

By controlling the thermostat automatically, you minimize unnecessary expense for heating or cooling rooms that are not being used. Intelligent start-up and shutdown buffers keep zones running efficiently and economically throughout the day—if you have two events in the same HVAC zone that are two hours apart, ServiceU Green will automatically adjust and manage the HVAC to avoid costly temperature swings.

Manage Events and HVAC with a Single Event Calendar

ServiceU Green integrates directly with our scheduling software, so you can manage your event schedule and room temperatures from within the same calendar system. When you schedule an event, you can set up temperature controls at the same time, ensuring that everything will be taken care of automatically.

No More Calls to the Facility Manager

Because ServiceU Green is integrated with your event calendar, the heating and air-conditioning automatically come on in time for the room to reach the right temperature before the event begins. No more thermostats to adjust, and no more calls to the facility manager asking him to turn on and turn off the HVAC for events.

Event Changes? HVAC Updates Automatically

When an event changes or is cancelled, you simply make the schedule change in ServiceU and the system automatically adjusts the HVAC controls. You won't waste money heating or cooling an empty room.

Ensure Comfort

With ServiceU Green, you can gain real-time control of all HVAC zones for an entire campus, church, or facility. You can have confidence that every room is the proper temperature for each event—with substantially less effort and labor.

ServiceU Green Requirements and HVAC Compatibility

ServiceU Green is compatible with NiagaraAX, Tridium's next generation software that will allow ServiceU Green to integrate with many churches' heating and cooling systems. Terms and capabilities vary, depending on the HVAC system you're using. Contact us to discuss the compatibility of your HVAC system and ServiceU Green.