Event Registrations and Payments

ServiceU makes it easy to offer online event registration. Event participants access your website and complete your predefined form when it’s convenient for them, 24/7, whether your doors are open or closed.

No More Paper Forms to Complete

Instead of filling out handwritten forms, event participants simply go to your website to register for events. And, if participants complete a profile, they’ll save additional time by only entering their contact information once. Then they’ll just complete needed information for your event.

Eliminate Check Writing

Few people carry cash or their checkbooks with them. With ServiceU, you can offer your participants a variety of payment methods, such as debit or credit card or online check, in a safe and secure environment that’s compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI).

Mobile Event Registration—for Anytime, Anywhere Event Registrations

With ServiceU, your patrons can register and pay for events with their debit or credit cards right from their smartphones. Event registration pages automatically render in a mobile-friendly way—even if your website is not.

Empower Others to Share via Social Media

Your event participants can easily share information about events and activities. With one click, users can share links via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Make Event Registration Easy

  • ServiceU offers many tools to help your staff prepare for an event:
  • Limit the number of registrations that will be accepted.
  • Specify the beginning and ending dates and times for registration.
  • Select which information is required.
  • Calculate fees based on registrants’ answers.
  • Embed a graphic in a form or upload corresponding documents, such as a liability release form with a sports registration form.
  • Let users store their information for convenient access and to provide a complete online history of transactions.

Do Away with Maintenance

Because ServiceU is a hosted solution, you don't need any special software, servers, or programming; there is nothing to install, maintain, or upgrade. All you do is log in and you're on your way.