Giving Overview

Download this Overview to share with your staff, committee members, and other key leaders.

ServiceU Giving by ACTIVE Faith is the online product you want for offering digital giving, and event registration and payment at churches, schools and civic centers. It is a stand-alone product that may also be used with:

  • ServiceU Scheduling
    calendaring and events
  • ServiceU Ticketing
    Includes all box office needs
  • ServiceU Green
    Uses Niagara AX for automatic and remote HVAC management

"Online giving is completely worth the money—you will gain a hundredfold plus. You’ll see the giving increase in the 18–35 age category if you offer online giving. I don’t see how you wouldn’t."
Andy Collins, Communications Director, Yorba Linda Friends Church (Yorba Linda, CA)


ServiceU Giving is a complete online solution for easily offering online giving, payments, and registrations with any internet connection, smartphone, kiosk, or tablet pc.


What you'll gain with ServiceU Giving

  • 100% web-based software: No special software, programs or maintenance headaches!
  • A single-entry online system means simplified administration and offering
  • Less error and risk of fraud
  • An easy way to offer online registration, payment and giving
  • Increased donations
  • Consistency of giving: avoid seasonal or weather-related offering dips
  • Detailed and customized reports
  • Simplified gift-reconciliation accounting process
  • Happy congregants: 24/7 giving, anywhere, anytime of day
  • Industry Security:
    • Compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI)
    • Rigorous internal and external testing guarantees every transaction is secure,
      accounted for, and efficient
  • Mobile giving options at no additional cost. Works even if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, as securely as other giving methods
  • Simple navigation to your giving page without scrolling around the site


What you can do with ServiceU Giving

  • Maintain Control:
    • Manage or view giving data from anywhere there is Internet connection
    • Allow scheduled/recurring gifts
    • Choose the giving options you’ll offer:
      • Debit-only
      • Debit or credit cards
      • Bank drafts
    • Offer preferred modes of giving and payments with via computer, smartphone, kiosk, or tablet PC.
  • Protect your congregants’ financial information:
    • Credit card information never appears on the screen.
    • Receipts are e-mailed to givers for their records.
    • Your church name appears on their bank or credit card statement.
  • Have Flexibility
    • Turn any Windows PC into a secure giving kiosk (kiosk enclosure is not required).
    • Or create a secure, dedicated kiosk that can only be used for designated purposes (via KioWare Kiosk System Software), and which provides privacy and convenience.
    • Accept paperless event registrations and payments—on-site or online.