Increase Donations

Offer online giving and payments with any Internet connection, smartphone, kiosk, or tablet PC. Organizations choose from a wide variety of options such as debit-only, debit or credit cards, and bank drafts.

Online Donations Made Easy

Many organizations feel the pressure to offer online giving but don’t know where to begin. ServiceU online donation software makes it easy for churches to offer ways for their attenders to make online gifts anytime, 24/7.

Flexible Enough to Fit Your Organization

ServiceU's online donation software is an innovative, simple way to encourage and support giving at the giver’s convenience and by their preferred method of payment on their own timetable. Recurring giving options are also available and completely controlled by the giver.

Increase Consistency in Giving

When people are given the freedom to choose when and how to give, they're much more likely to continue giving on a regular schedule. With our online giving software, people can give from anywhere in the country and donate with credit, debit cards, or bank drafts.

Simplify Administration

ServiceU is built to accommodate the online giving management needs of the church administration, staff members, and those in charge of collecting and distributing the funds. Administrators can access detailed and customized reports specifying the exact information you need about your account and simplifying your gift-reconciliation accounting processes.

Built-In Industry Security

As an online donations software company that’s compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI), ServiceU makes sure every transaction that goes through our system is secure, accounted for, and efficient. We take our responsibility for keeping your transactions secure very seriously, and rigorous internal and external testing has shown our system to be extremely safe and secure.

Simplified Maintenance

ServiceU’s online donations software is completely hosted on the Web. This means you don't need to burden your computer with special software or programs or worry about maintenance issues. All you have to do is log in!