Facilities Scheduling Software: Bringing Teams Together

Facilities scheduling software is the perfect tool for uniting all the participants who are collaborating on an event.

ServiceU’s hosted software allows for scheduling, reserving, tracking, and communicating about your events in a centralized, online location—anytime and anywhere there is an internet connection.

ServiceU allows you to coordinate facilities and resources across different departments and tasks:

  • Each user can request rooms or resources at the beginning of the setup process
  • Requests are routed to the proper person for approval
  • Authorized changes generate notifications to all those who need to know about them
  • Room conflicts are reduced when everyone has visibility to the entire schedule
  • Heating and cooling scheduling can be integrated with event calendar for automated management, up to 20% energy savings, and remote access

ServiceU is a 100% web-based solution, so no programming is required or software to install, maintain, and upgrade. All you need is a computer (PC, Mac, Tablet PC, or smartphone) with a current web browser.

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