Facility Management Software by ServiceU: Freedom from Logistical Nightmares

"ServiceU has been very helpful when we are off campus and get a call that an event is going to run several hours longer. Before, we would have to track down someone on campus to adjust the air, now we can simply turn the air on and off from any computer with Internet access."

Amanda Malkhassian

Facilities Coordinator
Vineyard Christian Fellowship (Anaheim, CA)  

Facility management software is a must for executing seamless organization behind the scenes while also protecting your sanity.

ServiceU, 100% web-based software, is a complete solution for scheduling, reserving, tracking, and communicating about your events in a single, online location. By keeping all the pieces of your event in one place, everyone involved can be on the same page from anywhere, 24/7.

ServiceU can help you:

  • Distribute the workload by allowing authorized users to submit their own requests
  • Control and communicate plan changes with automated updates to the necessary staff
  • Integrate your heating and cooling with your event calendar, which reduces energy use up to 20%
  • Gain real-time control with remote access from any internet connection

ServiceU is a hosted solution, so no programming is required, and there is no software to install, maintain, and upgrade. All you need is a computer (PC, Mac, Tablet PC, or smartphone) with a current web browser.

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