Simplify Scheduling Events

With ServiceU, you can schedule your event, reserve facilities, and schedule other resources quickly and easily.

Enter Everything in a Single System

Eliminate confusion by entering all event information into a single system. Distribute the workload by allowing authorized users to submit their own requests. Maintain control by routing requests to coordinators for approval.

Eliminate Retyping

Enter important details about events and specify the recurrence pattern. Then edit individual occurrences as needed. All event information is saved for later use, even if the event is cancelled.

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

After the event information is entered into the system, staff members can run reports that provide complete instructions on what is being used, how rooms need to be set up, which events require resources and support services (childcare, food services), and much more.

Real-Time Status Updates

When changes occur (as they always do), you simply enter the change and ServiceU notifies those in the approval process who need to know. Prevent last-minute changes by establishing a time frame that controls when events can be submitted, edited, or canceled. No forms to fill out, no papers to shuffle.

Manage It All Online, from Anywhere, 24/7

Because ServiceU is web-based, everyone can see and share the same calendar. You and your staff members can access it at the office, from home, or on the road—anywhere with a Web connection, anytime.

Eliminate the Headaches of Maintenance

Because ServiceU is a hosted solution, no programming is required and there is no software to install, maintain, and upgrade—all you need is a computer (PC, Mac, Tablet PC, or smartphone) with a current Web browser.

Upgrade to ServiceU Green [Web note: link to Green parent page]

Reduce energy costs by 10–20% by integrating your event calendar with your HVAC system.