Streamline Communication Process

Assign, reserve, and track available rooms and equipment online. Workflow makes communication simple, easy, and automated.

Reserve Resources with Confidence

Stop wasting time looking for the missing laptop, projector, or stack of tables and chairs. Space reservation and setup, food and beverage coordination, audio/visual allocation, and transportation requirements can consume your day, but you can reserve with confidence when you schedule your event through ServiceU.

One Place for Everything

Simplify resource management by providing your staff a single place for requesting resources needed for upcoming events during the initial setup of event details and online registration.

Create a Communication Workflow

Notify the person responsible for on-campus resource management, such as a facilities director, the moment a resource is requested. No need to send another e-mail, make an additional phone call, or schedule time in the office to review your needs. Just schedule and go! ServiceU will map your request to the workflow you define. It even sends alerts when changes are made to your request.

View Everything Online

ServiceU is a complete solution for scheduling, reserving, tracking, and communicating about your events in a single, online location. By keeping all the pieces of your event in one place, everyone involved can be on the same page from anywhere, 24/7.

Eliminate the Headaches of Maintenance

Because ServiceU is a hosted solution, no programming is required, and there is no software to install, maintain, and upgrade; all you need is a computer (PC, Mac, Tablet PC, or smartphone) with a current web browser.