Scheduling Overview

Download this Overview to share with your staff, committee members, and other key leaders.

The Technology that Powers Events

Serviceu scheduling by AcTiVe Faith is the online product you want for managing events for large multi-purpose facilities, such as churches, schools and civic centers. it is a stand-alone product that may also be used with:

  • ServiceU Giving
    includes registration
  • ServiceU Ticketing
    includes all box office needs
  • ServiceU Green
    Users Niagara AX for automatic and remote
    HVAC management

The ServiceU user-friendly application lets us check for conflicting events, organize resources, and get approvals quickly and efficiently. It’s amazing how much time we save! The calendar now helps instead of causing frustration. How did we ever operate without it?

Ashley Houpt, Helpdesk Manager, Bellevue Baptist Church (Memphis, TN)

In A Nutshell

Serviceu scheduling is a complete solution for scheduling, reserving, tracking, and communicating about your events in a single, online location. By keeping all the pieces of your event in one place, everyone involved can be on the same page from anywhere, 24/7.


What you'll gain with serviceU Scheduling

A single-entry online system that makes all of the following possible:

  • The ability to view everything online.
  • Less error and confusion, increased efficiency.
  • Real-time status updates on every aspect of event, including last minute changes.
  • Everyone on the same page.
  • No forms to fill out, no papers to shuffle.
  • No maintenance headaches with 100% web-based software.
  • Streamlined communication process.
  • Automated, customized workflow.
  • Simplified resource management: space reservation and setup, food and beverage coordination, childcare, audio/visual allocation, and transportation.
  • Automated calendar that feeds to your website with pertinent details and even on-the-spot registration links, (+ payment or giving links with giving upgrade).


What you can do with ServiceU Scheduling

  • Set an event from start to finish with system prompts that cover every detail.
  • Manage or view from anywhere there is internet connection.
  • Assign, reserve, and track available rooms and equipment online.
  • Specify the recurrence pattern and save details, even on canceled events, while still allowing for changes.
  • Distribute the workload by allowing authorized users to submit their own requests.
  • Route automatic requests to coordinators for approval.
  • Run pre-event reports that provide complete instructions on what is being used, how rooms need to be set up, which events require resources and support services (childcare, food services), and much more.
  • Make changes to the event with confidence; serviceu notifies those in the approval process who need to know.
  • Prevent last-minute changes by establishing a time frame that controls when events can be submitted, edited, or canceled.
  • Customize your event parameters to include whatever questions you want!
    (One children’s ministry request form asks: do you want to use the inflatable slide? Will you make sure that 4 grown-ups do not get on the slide at the same time?)