Energy Efficient HVAC by ServiceU: Save money, hassles, and the planet

"ServiceU has been very helpful when we are off campus and get a call that an event is going to run several hours longer than it was originally scheduled. Before, we would have to track down someone on campus to make adjustments. Now we can simply turn the air on and off from any computer with internet access."

Amanda Malkhassian

Facilities Coordinator
Vineyard Christian Fellowship (Anaheim, CA)  

No more wasted money heating or cooling empty rooms! It’s easy to be energy efficient with climate control that is automated and remotely-accessed. With ServiceU, you can integrate your climate control schedule with your event calendar, enabling you to:

  • Schedule it and forget about it! The HVAC system will have the room set to the desired temperature by the event start time
  • Make necessary adjustments from anywhere there is an internet connection, in the event of a schedule change or cancellation
  • Save up to 20% in energy costs without sacrificing comfort

ServiceU’s intelligent start-up and shutdown buffers economically and efficiently maintain the climate of each zone throughout the day. If you have two events occurring at different times in the same HVAC zone, ServiceU will automatically adjust the HVAC to avoid expensive temperature swings.

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