Church Donation Software by ServiceU: Track, Manage, Report and Communicate

"Since implementing online giving, we have received 15% of our total donations online. And that is a percentage I expect to continue to grow."

Christina Knight

Central Church of the Nazarene (Tulsa, OK)  

Tracking and managing donations made to the church calls for a powerful church donation software solution like ServiceU.

Church donations of time and money reveal a level of dedication that should be matched by a church’s commitment to make the most of those donations.

Church members want to know that their offerings are being efficiently managed and accurately documented. Church leaders feel that responsibility too. A reliable church donation software system, such as ServiceU, is essential for building the confidence necessary for true financial health.

ServiceU knows that church financial health requires communication to those who are investing in the church. With ServiceU’s church donation software, staff will be able to:

  • Allow members to view and print their church donation history, for convenience and significant savings to the church
  • Quickly and easily dispense information about giving opportunities, the status of capital campaigns, and updates on financial or other matters

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